CODE043 is a youth organisation and foundation. We enable young adults and students who have great ideas and concepts to realise them. Everyone between the ages of 12 and 25 with  affinity for Maastricht can submit their plans, and we will provide guidance if need be. Not only do we examine your projects, we also create our own projects, called CODE EVENTS. Follow our blog to keep track of all the ins and outs at CODE043. Do you want to know more about CODE043? Check out our year review below.

Our mission

We have a clear vision: Young adults and students should be able to participate to create a lively social environment in Maastricht. Not only do you projects inspire others, they also make sure that there are enough activities throughout the year. You of all people know what the youth of today are looking for! By supporting your projects we want to allow you to become the best version of you and creating an active community. City officials use the vague term ‘youth participation’ for this. We like to call this DOPE SH*T!

Work with us?

Working at or with CODE043 is very inspiring, educational, but also very fun!

CODE crewmember

Our team

A short overview of who we are. Our crew consists of: busy ambassadors who make sure to get CODE043 in the picture and come up with and organise CODE EVENTS; Wise board members who plot the course of action of the organisation; and two bat-shit crazy project supervisors who take care of volunteers and help you with your project plans.



Gerard Bekker


CODE043 is expanding its impact by innovating our services. As a projectleader Gerard will will professionalise our services with practical workshops and experiment with network and community forming among the youth and young adults in Maastricht. Gerard hopes to contribute to the structure and effectiveness of our overall performance.

Elvira Goblet-Johannes

Project coordinator / project supervisor

When submitting your plan in person, Elvira is probably the first person you will see. She makes sure everything goes smoothly. If you submit your plan online, she will be the one to contact you. She makes sure the proposals are ready for submission and she also dishes out several useful tips and tricks. Elvira is a cheerful but also slightly insane 32-year-old mother of two beautiful princesses. She studied Social Work and her hobbies are having fun, going to festivals, running and ... binge-watching Orange is the new Black!

Marie-Claire Lahaye

Coordinator volunteers / Communications / All-round busybody

As busybody she is at the base of the CODE office. If you want to become a volunteer at CODE043 she will make it happen. Together with the ambassadors she makes sure that CODE043 can continue producing dope sh*t. MC also takes care of the communication and sees an important role here for volunteers.

Jiel Dassen


Jiel (18 years) is a true 'Mestreechteneer' and likes to work with young people. She loves taking on several projects which she manages with her unique enthusiastic spirit. She finds it inspiring to work with people. You can find her often behind the scenes of big events and festivals. No suprise there, since she studies event organisation at Arcus College. After this, she likes to continue studying. But first she like to see the world, learn some languages and go travel. Did you know that Jiel worked at CODE043 as an intern? She simply can't say goodbye and loves working here.

Agostinho Pedro


A sympathetic, kind-hearted guy known for being calm and gentle. Everybody knows Agostinho, he is a true community man. He delivers messages in a peaceful way and likes to make people feel comfortable. As an intern he likes to look at the organization as a collective. He likes to share his honest opinion and has a humble and sincere perspective view on life. He takes his inspiration from people, music and sports. During his internship at CODE043 he hopes to experience office-life and to develop a marktresearch. Live to learn, learn to live!

Sanne van Wunnik

Deze 22-jarige Maastrichtse jongedame hoort alweer meer dan één jaar bij onze crew. Je kunt haar het beste omschrijven als een creatieve alleskunner! In haar vrije tijd doet zij veel aan dans, zang en toneel. Momenteel zit ze in het derde jaar van haar Bachelor Pedagogiek. Bij CODE043 checkt zij projecten die we als jongerenorganisatie ondersteunen waardoor ze nieuwe culturele projecten ontdekt. Daarnaast is Sanne is leergierig en altijd bereid een uitdaging aan te gaan. Dit is te merken door haar actieve bijdrage aan CODE projecten en evenementen.

This Maastricht lady has been a crewmember for more than two years. You can describe Sanne best as a creative allrounder! In her free time she dances, sings and acts. Currently she is a fourth-year student studying Pedagogy. At CODE043 she checks out projects that are powered by CODE043. She loves it because it helps her discover new cultural projects. Sanne is a curious girl and always prepared to accept new challenges. For the last six months she has lived in Newcastle living among the georgdies.

Esther Janssen


Esther is een aanwezig type. Ze geeft graag haar mening en weet wel van aanpakken, je zult haar dan ook vaak druk zien bij de CODE projecten. Ze is een echte Mesteeechteneer door hart en nieren. Toch verlaat ze binnenkort haar geliefde 043 om International Event Management te gaan studeren in Breda bij NHTV maar de CODE crew helemaal achterlaten zal ze nooit kunnen. #Code4lifejwz

When Esther is at CODE043 everybody is aware of her enthusiasm and warmth. She likes to give her opinion and knows how to get things done. She is a proud of her local 'sjeng' roots. She has left her beloved '043' (Maastricht) to study International Event Management in Breda at NHTV. At this moment she is taking a gap year. No matter what she is up to, she stays connected to Maastricht and CODE043 # Code4lifejwz

Stefan Mommers

Boardmember / treasurer

As of the end of 2017 Stefan took over the duties from former treasurer Rob. Stefan works as Senior finance at MosaLiraa. "I've come to kown CODE043 as an active club that empowers youth in Maastricht. It is therefore an honour to make sure everything runs smooth financially."

Martijn Weijenberg

President / Captain

Since June 2015 Martijn is at the helm of CODE043. He is the head of the board and together with them decides the vision of the organisation. In other words, together with the board he plots the course of CODE043. Martijn is convinced CODE043 is a major player with regards to improving the culture among the youth of Maastricht. Martijn is also working at Maastricht University as a project leader ‘Student and City’, where he tries to improve and expand available accommodations for students, making them feel more at home in Maastricht.

Melvin Schreurs


15 year old Melvin has a passion for everything related to events. This handyman works with great enthousiasm on various projects at CODE043. If there is an event in Maastricht, you can bet your ass Melvin will be there too. He dreams to become a sound technician and takes care of the sound and lights for CODE043 on multiple occasions. He also has mad marketing- and communication skills. He single-handedly designed the corporate identity of Kawaj Festival.

Fay Klomp


Fay, 16, once started working at the office as a social training intern, but has since become a seasoned ambassador. She likes to discuss her vision on projects and everything related to youth. She lives in the Heeg and knows the neighbourhood and the local kids well. One more year and she will graduate from the Porta Monsanacollege (HAVO). Her next study is already selected: Communications and multimedia design at Zuyd Hogeschool.

Celine Huits


When something in any way related to culture is happening in Maastricht, Celine will be there. Every month at least one project will be under close inspection of Celine, ranging from a skate competitions, to exhibitions and a massive student party like Stukafest. Her work for CODE043 is a perfect addition to her third year Cultural Studies at Maastricht University. At the same time we also rely on her various other talents such as photography, which she already used during various events. She also likes to sing on behalf of CODE043. Her voice reminds us of a tougher version of Katie Melua singing classics the likes of ‘Ring of Fire’ by Johnny Cash and ‘Space Oddity’ by David Bowie.

Juul Kuntzelaers

Board member / Interim secretary

Within the board Juul is part of the semi-oldies. Five years ago she started as ambassador at CODE043. Using her research-mindedness and critical thinking finally led to a position within the board. Her experience as coach is a big plus within the organisation. She uses her knowledge of the board and the office to help plot the course of CODE043. Currently she works at the Salvation Army where she mentors people with a drug addiction.

Suzanne Gielen

Board member / Educational expert

Suzanne manages to supply some comic relief to every board meeting. As care coordinator at the Porta Mosana College Suzanne deals with young adults on a regular basis. Her background and experience in education brings a lot to the CODE043 table. At the same time the knowledge and experiences she gains at the foundation help her in her day job. A classic case of a win-win situation.

Michelle van Mulken


Michelle has the belief as coach and health scientist that stimulating talent among youths is one of the most important things we can do for them. How to implement these talents and improve society is a next important step according to her. After having lived in Australia for six years she moved back to Maastricht and it did not take her long to find CODE043. With a lot of enthusiasm she and the board thing about CODE's vision. Michelle cureently works as projectcoordinator at Maastricht University on project Match where she sets up social projects with students and works on developing equal opportunities for local children and youth.

Sheila Krete

Administrative assistant

Sheila is a numbers-woman and our financial watchdog. She checks all our financial reports and cash registers meticulously and in a very structured way. If something’s off, she instantly detects it. Furthermore she is a very enthousiastic ambassador and loves to work on CODE EVENTS. Her favorite spare time activities include taking a stroll with her dog Bella or spending tons of time with her kid Jason.

Frequently asked questions


CODE043 started ten years ago on behalf of … the Maastricht youth. The municipality wanted to know what they would do with a quarter million Euros. One of the things they came up with was an organisation that would help them realise their own ideas and plans. Long story short, CODE043 was realised which was the first of its kind in the Netherlands. This proves that the municipality of Maastricht doesn’t always just follows the other municipalities in the Netherlands; very ballsy. The rest … is history.


Ambassadors are not only the thinkers, but also the doers of this youth organisation.

They have a few different tasks:

  1. ADVISORS. They give wanted and unwanted advise on projects and activities of CODE043.
  2.  INSPECTORS. Ambassadors also examine the different projects CODE043 supports.
  3. CREWMEMBER and ORGANISOR. Ambassadors also learn all there is to actually organising an event, such as the CODE EVENTS.
  4.  AMBASSADOR. As the name implies they represent CODE043.


Quite simple: we are always looking for enthusiasts that want to join! Give us a call or send us an email and we will set up an appointment to get to know you.

We are always looking for thinkers and doers to join our team!

Annual Report

Take a look at our year review and get a taste of what we accomplished last year…

Download year review

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