CODE043 is a youth organisation and ngo. We enable young adults who have great ideas and concepts to realise them. Everyone between the ages of 12 and 25 with  affinity for Maastricht can submit their plans, and we will provide guidance if need be.

Our mission

We have a clear vision: Young adults and students should be able to participate to create a lively social environment in Maastricht. Not only do your projects inspire others, they also make sure that there are enough activities throughout the year. By supporting your projects we want to allow you to become the best version of you and creating an active community.

Work with us?

Working at or with CODE043 is very inspiring, educational, but also very fun!

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Our team

A short overview of who we are.

Laetitia Veugen


Laetitia (22 years) studies Applied Psychology. She is a social girl always bursting with energy. Yet, she is also a dreamer who knows how to turn her dreams into her passions. "I want to help young people achieving their goals."

Sarai Erkens

Youth coach between the ages of 12 and 17

You might know Sarai from her first collaboration with CODE, when she submitted a project of her own: the theatre performance ‘Just the two of us’. That proved to be a great experience and later on she temporarily replaced Elvira during her maternity leave. Now she works as a youth coach for all CODE youth between the ages of 12 and 17. In addition to her job at CODE043, she studies parttime at the Institute of Performative Arts in Maastricht.


Youth coach between the ages of 18 and 25

Right at the end of 2020, Winnie joined CODE043 as a youth coach. She says she got bored a bit in Maastricht until she started doing volunteer work. From that point on, she began to feel at home here and got to know the beautiful people of Maastricht. She simply likes organising events that make herself and others happy.

Vita Behage


Vita (25 years) studies Communication and Multimedia Design and lives at St. Pieter. She is creative and adventurous, but also has a social side that she would like to develop as peercoach: "I became more aware what makes a coach thanks to CODE043 and especially how a coach shouldn't act. I also learned more about my strengths and what I should keep in mind in order to keep on developing."

Mare Kuzmanovski


Mare is fun, creative. She has an open mindset doesn't hesitate to share her opinion. What drives her to be a peer and coach? "Every generation of young people are bursting with creativity and activism. How remarkable is it that perhaps I can make a difference in someone's life. CODE043 can be that breaking point in the life of a young person. That one project, that one moment may be the force that opens new doors for that person."

Gerard Bekker


CODE043 is expanding its impact by innovating our services. As teamleader Gerard will happily contribute to the development of our organisation. ‘I value the wellbeing of my team, so they may have feel empowered to co-create a nourishing and inspiring space where everyone feels free to unconditionally express themselves and participate.’

Jerôme Frijns


Hey daar! Mijn naam is Jerôme (18 jaar) en ik studeer de opleiding Marketing & Communicatie. Ik ben heel optimistisch en bekijk alles van een positieve kant. Over vijf jaar zie ik mijzelf als zelfstandig ondernemer. Ik werk hard om deze ambitie waar te maken. Ik vind een uitdaging altijd leuk en leer graag nieuwe dingen. Tegelijkertijd deel ik mijn ervaringen veel met mijn vrienden. Zo kun je elkaar helpen om verder te ontwikkelen. Om te ontspannen en af te schakelen sport ik 6 à 7 keer per week in de sportschool. Dit houdt me scherp en geeft me een fit gevoel.

Marie-Claire Lahaye


Marie-Claire loves empowering people and making sure that young people are being heard and seen in the Maastricht region. She is our fundraiser. Without donations and our local municipality, CODE043 would'nt exist. She tries to involve as many volunteers as possible in her work. "I need the help of our community in order to do my job, that's why I like it so much." Nice to know: She is a proud mama of twins.

Victor Lemaire


Nothing is more difficult then choosing your path in life at a young age. "What should I do for the rest of my life? What do I enjoy doing, what are my strengths?" You invest a lot of time and energy in your future. CODE043 makes sure young people are able to undertake this journey and guides them along from their own perspective. I see young people walking in here and observe changes within weeks. They act different, have new ideas or are even more convincing. The method CODE043 offers works. As secretary I like to contribute to this journey young people go through. It inspires me to look at the world with young eyes.

Sanne van Wunnik


You can describe Sanne best as a creative allrounder with a social heart! In her free time she dances, sings and acts. She works as a youth worker. "I share CODE043's mission. Young adults come first here and receive a platform to create and build their own things. That is what I so greatly admire about our organization. That's a message I support and promote, because in a city like Maastricht we need a place for young people."

Kevin Hoofwijk


Hi, I'm Kevin. Some of you might already know me as a volunteer at CODE043. Recently I became an intern. Besides school and volunteering I love being creative. I love theater and writing, but I'm also exploring new other creative activities such as painting and film making. I basically do everything here at the officeexcept creating new projects. I make sure people keep the office clean, buy the necessary equipment and if you call the office, there is a high chance I am the one answering your call.

Doménique Wissink

Communications advisor

Doménique is 21 years and recently graduated for Event organization. He's originally from a small town in Twente, but has been able to settle down South. His passions are producing music, art and marketing. He knows how to combine these with his digital marketing bureau DW House. Doménique once started working at CODE043 as an intern, then he became a volunteer and now we approach him for communication jobs. He's always open for new ideas and nothing is too crazy for this guy.

Charles Beetz


Charles is our counsellor. It is very important that our employees, volunteers and interns feel comfortable and safe at work. If this is not the case for you, Charles is the person you can go to for support. Charles has many years of experience as a social worker and counsellor. If there’s something troubling you, he will listen to you and together you can see if it’s possible to take further action. Sometimes, simply being able to tell your story helps. Everything you tell Charles is strictly confidential. Via phone, Charles is most easily reached at his work number, 06-53924597. You can also reach him by email.

Ivo George


Ivo grew up in Maastricht but left the city for his studies and lived in Eindhoven for 17 years. Since 2014 he's back in his hometown and works at the university as a knowledge consultant. He helps researchers to use their scientific knowledge for societal purposes. Boardmember Martijn introduced him to the organization and he immediately became an active member: "I instantly felt at home here. I think that young people should be more involved with the developments in the city. Many decisions are made by adults, yet the input from young people is vital for the livability. That's my purpose as boardmember. To stimulate companies and organizations to involve young people and work with them. "

Martijn Weijenberg


From 2015-2020 Martijn was our President. Today he remains an active boardmember. Martijn is convinced CODE043 is a major player with regards to improving the culture among the youth of Maastricht. Martijn is also working at Maastricht University as a project leader ‘Student and City’, where he tries to improve and expand available accommodations for students, making them feel more at home in Maastricht.

Fay Klomp


Fay, once started working at the office as a social training intern, but has since become a seasoned volunteer. She likes to discuss her vision on projects and everything related to youth. She lived in the Heeg but recently moved to Urmond.

Melvin Schreurs


19 year old Melvin has a passion for everything related to events. This handyman works with great enthousiasm on various projects at CODE043. If there is an event in Maastricht, you can bet your ass Melvin will be there too. He dreams to become a sound technician and takes care of the sound and lights for CODE043 on multiple occasions. He also has mad marketing- and communication skills. He single-handedly designed the corporate identity of Kawaj Festival.

Esther Janssen


When Esther is at CODE043 everybody is aware of her enthusiasm and warmth. She likes to give her opinion and knows how to get things done. She is a proud of her local 'sjeng' roots. She has left her beloved '043' (Maastricht) to study International Event Management in Breda at NHTV. At this moment she is taking a gap year. No matter what she is up to, she stays connected to Maastricht and CODE043 # Code4lifejwz

Jiel Dassen


Jiel (21 years) is a true 'Mestreechteneer' and likes to work with young people. She loves taking on several projects which she manages with her unique enthusiastic spirit. She finds it inspiring to work with people. You can find her often behind the scenes of big events and festivals. No suprise there, since she studied event organisation at Arcus College. Did you know that Jiel worked at CODE043 as an intern? She simply can't say goodbye and loves working here.

Frequently Asked Quoestions?


CODE043 started fifteen years ago on behalf of … the Maastricht youth. The municipality wanted to know what they would do with a quarter million Euros. One of the things they came up with was an organisation that would help them realise their own ideas and plans. Long story short, CODE043 was realised which was the first of its kind in the Netherlands. This proves that the municipality of Maastricht doesn’t always just follows the other municipalities in the Netherlands; very ballsy. The rest … is history.


Quite simple: we are always looking for enthusiasts that want to join our team! Give us a call or send us an email and we will set up an appointment to get to know you.


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