What would you create with 4000 euro at your disposal?

Maastricht is beautifully diverse city. As a student you bring your own culture and fresh ideas about how we can shape our city. This creates a lot of opportunity to create a great inclusive city if we can work together with all the different communities. And a great opportunity for you to better the world!


CODE043 empowers young adults by giving them the chance to create their own projects. Discovering your talents and using them to improve the living quality of our city. We give financial support, coaching and help to build your network. You can come to us with your own ideas for this support. For this particular project we have set the goal but you can fill in the blank. Filling in the blank is the contest!


Do you want to win 4000 euro to make Maastricht a better place? Enter the contest, give your ideas and pitch it at our Code Event Support on 31th January. Details are listed below. May the best idea win!



The goal of this project is to create a connection between the student community and the local inhabitants of Maastricht. Bringing them together to meet each other, learn from each other and create something that increases the living quality in Maastricht for all its inhabitants. Creating a community we all thrive in.


How you want to do this is up to you. Be creative and use your personal interests and strengths to build our city. Every idea is valuable and can make a difference, give it a shot!



  1. You’re a student in the age range of 18 to 25 years old
  2. You study and live in Maastricht
  3. Your project takes place in Maastricht
  4. Your project is not a fundraiser or a school project
  5. Your project is non profit


WAY TO APPLY (Deadline monday 28th January 12.00 CET):

Use this link to apply for the contest following these steps:

  1. Name your project starting the name CONTEST so we know it’s for this contest. For example: CONTEST – dancing on the Vrijthof.
  2. Fill in your contact information and a brief description of the project and submit the plan. Now you have an account to work in, the plan is not final until you submit all the information and apply in the Toolbox. (This will become clear once you start).
  3. In your account you can work on your project and fill in all the required information.
  4. Make a budget for your project taking note of the available budget of 4000 euro. Upload this budget to the Toolbox.
  5. If all the requirements are met you can make your application final.
  6. If your project meets the checklist we will invite you to pitch at the CES – Code Event Support #3 at Thursday 31th January between 19.00 – 22.00. You will receive a timeslot.
  7. This pitch is mandatory. Every project for this contest will pitch during the CES. Otherwise your project will be disqualified.
  8. Enjoy and make the world a better place!


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