CES – CODE event support is a monthly meeting for young entrepreneurs. The place to build your network, learn valuable skills during the workshops and receive advice and funding for your project.


Check the programme below for the different subjects that we will cover during these events. In the Facebook events you will find the specifics for every event. Participation is free.


Would you like to pitch your project for funding or reserve a spot for a workshop? Please send us an email.


28 February 2019 - #4 Starting a business - Project management

Host: Peter Powell of Team Academy

Workshop: Lean Project Management

CES#4 will give you the tools to create and manage a successful project with a workshop and interactive networking event hosted by Peter Powell form Team Academy. Come by to attend the workshop to work on your project or come by to network with the young entrepreneurial community of Maastricht.



Lean management methods are being implemented all over the corporate world in large and small organizations alike. From IBM to Airbnb, Lean methodologies empower those closest to the problem to solve them in an efficient, effective way, moving fast with minimal waste. In fact Lean methodology is so effective it has been a major contributor to the successes of businesses including Toyota, Facebook, & numerous others. However, though popular and far more effective than traditional project management methods, Lean is rarely applied to event based or non-profit projects. In this interactive workshop I’ll show how you can use the Lean build-measure-learn cycle in your projects for everything from team, to event management. During the workshop participants will learn the basics of Lean management by creating an initial prototype of (part of) their project, testing it, evaluating the feedback, and creating the next iteration based on this feedback. Please note: Participants should have a project they are currently working on which they can test/prototype with relative ease.


Peter is a musician by training and an entrepreneur by accident. He’s been obsessed with creativity since the age of 6: making music, painting, building furniture or just solving interesting problems. After discovering a knack for business Peter has built two businesses and is currently working on launching a university for aspiring entrepreneurs. He has lectured in universities and facilitated workshops and design days on creativity, entrepreneurship, marketing and more for organizations around Europe. He has worked with a variety of organizations including The BBC, Atkins Consulting and the Limburg Police. He’s passionate about learning and is determined to convince the world that everyone is creative. To learn more about what he’s up to you can visit www.teamacademy.nl or www.changemaker-collective.com


28 March 2019 - #5 Marketing through Storytelling

Host: Nathan Vandy

Workshop: Marketing through storytelling

CES#5 is all about giving you the tools to connect with your network, clients and stakeholders in a meaningful way. Learn how to market your project with an interactive workshop and network event hosted by Nathan Vandy of Clique

Come by to attend the workshop to work on your project or come by to network with the young entrepreneurial community of Maastricht.

25 April 2019 - #6 Sustainability

30 May 2019 - #7 Mental Health

27 June 2019 - #8 Marketing

29 August 2019 - #9 Pitching Workshop

26 September 2019 - #10 Networking, Meet and Greet the community

31 October 2019 - #11 Build the city V2 pitch moment

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