Every high school student and teacher knows about the Code Market, the event that is all about going out responsibly. We talk about alcohol, drugs, smoking, sexuality, birth control, mental health, bullying, safe social media use and much more!!


That is the motto of the Code Market. Going out is a lot of fun, but it also has its fair share of risks. Nobody likes STD’s, hangovers or traffic accidents. That is exactly why we want to discuss topics like drugs, sex and social media. On this page, you can find out more about our activities.

Teachers and mentors are also very welcome at the Code Market. You’re never too old to learn something new about these topics 😉


Alcohol and drugs quiz

Through this quiz we get students to talk about (not) using alcohol and drugs. By discussing these things with each other, you are able to be more responsible about alcohol and drug use in the future. The winner gets a nice surprise!


Birth control kit (by Team-Meidenwerk)

The birth control kit is filled with different ways to prevent becoming pregnant. What works best for you? We can tell you how the different products work and where to get them. This way, you can prevent unwanted pregnancy and have more control over your sex life.


Use the breathalyser to check your blood alcohol levels (hopefully zero). How much alcohol are you allowed to have in your blood when driving? Why aren’t you allowed to drink until you’re 18? Come and find out!

Check-out-my-BOX BOX (by Team-Meidenwerk)

Put your hand in this box and look carefully at the picture and information. Which STD matches your picture? How can you prevent contracting this STD? What should you do when you suspect you have an STD?

Lovebox (by Team-Meidenwerk)

Condoms!! The only product that prevents both pregnancies and STD’s. Therefore, it’s important to know exactly how to use one. We explain this step by step and then you can try it yourself. But… without looking. Put your hands into the holes and put the condom on the dildo. On the other side, your friends and classmates can see how you’re doing! Maybe they can even give you some useful tips 😉

Mocktail bar

Did you participate in one of the other activities? Cool! Then you get a scratch card with a question about sexuality. If you scratch open the right answer, you get an alcohol-free cocktail at the mocktail bar. Because you can also have a great time without alcohol.

Intoxication track

The glasses distort your vision as if you were under the influence of alcohol, XTC or LSD. Can you finish the entire track? Writing, walking, catching a ball… everything is suddenly a lot harder when you’re intoxicated!

Cigarette dummy

Using a small pump, you can have this dummy smoke a cigarette. The dummy contains a white filter that catches the tar from the cigarette. This way, you can see how much tar enters your body by smoking a single cigarette.

Are you @Ease?

@Ease provides an @ease area during the Code Market, where you can simply do nothing for a while, because doing nothing from time to time is very healthy!! You’re very welcome to visit the @ease house in Maastricht when you just want to talk to someone. There are plenty of nice volunteer workers and it’s free and anonymous.

STD cup game

In teams of two, you answer a question about STD’s. If the answer is correct, you clink your cups and you’ve had ‘safe sex’. If the answer is wrong, you mix the contents of your cups and you’ve had ‘unsafe sex’. Finally, everybody puts a few drops of iodine in their cup. If the fluid turns blue, you’ve ‘contracted an STD’. If the fluid in your cup remains white, you’re ‘STD-free’.

Photographer pictures 3 – 6: Anne Rovers


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