Our colleague Gerard participated in One Step Ahead, a project organised by Erasmus+. Learn more about his experience here!

Erasmus+ is a development programme for youth and youth workers in Europe to increase international exchange and innovation in education. Organisations in Europe host exchange projects and training programmes that aim to develop skills that will boost personal development, participation and inclusion of youth as well as enabling youth workers to contribute to this process.

One of these projects is One Step Ahead, a training organised by the Hungarian youth association Egyesek. This training aims to develop communication and social skills to develop entrepreneurship using improvisational theater. Here i learned the following:

An entrepreneur is someone that takes the initiative to take on a venture. This can be a business venture or a project with social impact. To be successful in this undertaking you will need organisational, communication and cooperation skills. But being an entrepreneur also means you need to take risks and overcome many obstacles. To do this you will also appreciate some qualities like optimism and creativity to enjoy the ride.

A good way to develop these skills, qualities and an optimistic mindset is improvisational theater. Because you develop them by experience, practicing real life situations and learning how to adapt to your situation. Improvisational theater gives the possibility to create a safe space to recreate real life situations where you can take risks and use your creativity to experiment with new strategies that may result in more desired outcomes. Learning by doing.

These lessons are valuable for all young adults who wish to be entrepreneurs. That’s why we integrate them into our workshops and CES networking events. Giving you the skills to be successful in organising your own projects. I would definitely recommend you to join our development activities and have a look at the possibilities of the Erasmus+ programme.

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