CODE043 and JUUPU have joined their forces to expand this initiative. You can read all about it in this blog.

JUUPU is an initiative started by two high school students, Juul and Puck, who wanted to do something for others without getting anything in return. JUUPU organizes collections for food, clothes, care products and cleaning products for families who can use some help. The collected products are issued at a point near the school where the collection took place. In this way people who donate products can be sure that the products end up with a family in the same neighborhood. They also organize symposia about poverty to create awareness and understanding among young people.


CODE043 uses its expertise together with JUUPU to take the project to a higher level. This means CODE043 helps JUUPU to expand to two new secondary schools.


Schools that already actively participate in JUUPU:

  • Porta Mosana Havo/Vwo
  • United World College Maastricht
  • Stella Maris College Meerssen


Juul from JUUPU


An idea is all you need!


I’ve never thought Puck and I would work together with CODE043. Of course I knew Code because of the Code Market, I also remember the NIX18 campaign.

When we started with the collections at Porta Mosana College in 2016, we immediately realized that it’s not easy to organize everything on your own. We soon had a team of volunteers and grew to other schools, but at one point we decided that working with other organizations would be much more effective.

When we were discussing our Juupu app with the municipality of Maastricht, we met Elvira from Code. It was clear that we were on the same page: “For young people, by young people”.

Not much later we talked with Elvira about what our collaboration should look like. With the three of us we gave a pitch for a panel of the municipality, after which we’ve received a tender. This made the realization of our ideas possible.

Making a plan together with Code and growing to two new secondary schools is awesome.

We hope that together with all our volunteers we can learn a lot from Code043. We have already experienced that Code can learn a lot from us as well.

”Jong geleerd is jong gedaan!!”

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