Meet our boardmember Rick Vechel…

It’s a pleasure to meet you, my name is Rick Vechel. It is my honour to write the very first blog of the board! Since October 2014 I have been active as board member of CODE043 after I ran into them by chance at Bruis festival. Poppodium Volt (Sittard) wanted me to take pictures at Bruis – and so were people from CODE043.

If you haven’t seen me in Maastricht before, don’t be alarmed. I was born and raised in Echt-Susteren, so Maastricht does not hold a special place in my heart. I have never lived or studied in Maastricht and only went there occasionally to visit a concert. None of that matters, though. Besides being very interested in helping youth to develop their talents and competences, social networking in Maastricht was also a reason for me to come on over, which looked like a logical choice as I recently graduated. Being a part of CODE043 helped a great deal in that regard.

In the everyday life I’m active as a supervisor / ‘activation’ coordinator at the COA (Central Organisation Asylum seekers). Additionally I am my own boss at Vechel Ventures, a company that focuses on entrepreneurs and projects in the creative and cultural sector. Developing talents and competences is also a big part of this job.

Being a board member at CODE043 implies certain tasks and responsibilities. In my first year as board member, besides the regular tasks and responsibilities, I acted as a link between the CODE Ambassadors and the board. Additionally I have always taken care of the strategic representation of CODE043; what do we want to achieve in the future, and how do we think we can achieve that?

Even after two years at CODE043 I still enjoy every single day. The vision of the foundation still aligns with my own views. Together with other board members, employees, volunteers and ambassadors I feel the drive to continue is huge. I started to local projects at the age of 16, and all the good and bad experiences I had back then taught me a lot. All in all working at CODE043 enables me to give a positive impuls to the youth of Maastricht.

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