This year’s successful event ‘CODE MARKET’ was organised by Michelle. CODE043 takes care of this event as commissioned by various municipalities. During April we visit high schools in the south of Limburg during their midday break, to inform youth in an interactive way about partying safely. By working together with various partners, we touch upon topics such as alcohol, drugs, sex, sexuality and senseless violence. The activities are both educational and interactive, which naturally leads to conversations. Additionally, we work in a peer-to-peer way, meaning we incorporate our own CODE crew and ambassadors. Read more about the Code Market edition 2017.



Hey y’all, my name is Michelle Roufs, I’m 20 years old and live in the most southern part of Limburg, Landgraaf (indeed, that is where Pinkpop is!). You might recognise me from the CODE Market snippets that were floating around our Facebook page in April. I have many hobbies, like longboarding and going to festivals and events. Until recently I was working at Parkstad Limburg Theaters, but after graduating I thought it was time for something new. I was looking for a permanent job during my gap year, in order for me to earn enough money to start my next studies in 2018 with money to spare. I’m most likely going to study Music Management, because, as you may have read somewhere else on this website already, I am going to conquer the world as the best band manager known to man (if I have to believe my fellow-intern Anela, that is).

Enough about me, let’s talk about my internship at CODE043! I ended up at CODE043 through my current MBO study Events Management. After three years of different internships, work experience placements and exercises, my mentor suggested CODE043 as a great place for me to do my final internship. After eight months of working at CODE043 I can only agree with his suggestion. Not only did I learned a lot, I also had a lot of fun. Why? They gave me challenging exercises and I became part of an awesome crew! Together with ‘fireball’ Anela and ‘starboy’ Rick, and our two internship supervisors Elvira and Marie-Claire, I had an amazing time and I will continue working as an ambassador for CODE043.

The whole year I have been working on multiple incredible projects. To name a few: Gamenight, YO!Fest, StuKaFest, and last but not least, my graduation exercise: CODE Market. Of course everybody here knows what the CODE Market is, but for the newbies: CODE Market is an interactive educational market based around the ‘partying safely’ theme, aimed at youth between 12 and 17 years old. To get the market going, during April the CODE043 crew went to various high schools in the greater Maastricht area. During the CODE Market I managed to press my own ‘Michelle stamp’ on the event – I treated the project as my child. The period leading up to and including the market I put a lot of effort into it, by spending multiple hours a day working on it. The CODE Market lasted for 2.5 weeks and the preparations took about 120 hours. This project resulted in bags under my eyes and a lot of sweat and tears – both literally and figuratively! Without a doubt most of these tears were happy tears! I can proudly proclaim that I organised the CODE Market of 2017. What I enjoyed the most? The Roes (inebriation) Parcour – duh! The Roes Parcour is an obstacle course that people had to traverse with special glasses on, which made it seem like you were under the influence of alcohol or drugs.



The video below is a (funny) example how to handle the youth in an interactive way, and at the end teach them in a more serious way about ‘partying safely’. This way you get the message across.

Unfortunately, not everything was sunshine and rainbows. For example, the parking ticket I got for my van, which was supposedly parked in a no-park zone (or so they said). Additionally, after a week of handing out condoms we ran out of condoms! Fortunately, Team Meidenwerk had two spare bags for us and I was able to order more.


My Highlights of the past year

Photos always tell a better story, so here are the best photos from my hundreds and hundreds of photos and selfies.

But… what now? I hope I can keep myself busy with organising events and my duties as ambassador, but we shall see! (Hopefully) this will not be the last time you heard from me.

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