Paul, Guus and Sander thought that there should be a Maastricht edition of the Bayern Bierfesten and informed the Muziekgieterij.

Date: 10 November 2016

Location: Muziekgieterij

Organisation: Paul Andel, Guus Pulles, Sander Nieuwkerk – from MHD Epicurus.


The organisation on their project:

Many a city in the Germany’s enjoy each year the great festivities that is called the Oktoberfest. During this epic event, ladies dress in sexy Dirndls, and men dress up in their fancy Lederhosen. Both costumes are retrieved from dusty attics and cellars, such that each and every enthusiast can dress up and take part in the festivities. Unfortunately, if you were in Maastricht and wanted to participate, you were bang out of luck, as there was no Maastricht version of this event.

We, M.H.D. Epicurus, a fraternity from Maastricht, thought this was outrageous and decided we would host the first ever OktoberFest in Maastricht, and dubbed it ‘Das Bayerische Bierfest’. During this event, the room will be decorated using blue and white decorations, and everyone can enjoy real Brattwurst and beer mugs full of Weißbier. The event gave hundreds of youth a memorable evening, which is exactly the reason why we organise it!

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