This one of a kind project is the local blockbuster of 2016 and for CODE043 a perfect example of dope sh*t!


Two friends are addicted to smoking weed. Their local dealer supplies the friends with the good stuff and pretends to be their friend. When this dealer suddenly shows his true side and comes to collect, the friends don’t have the kind of money he is asking for and refuse to pay. The two friends decide to round up the other youth in the neighbourhood to collectively stand up to this form of extortion. Because the kids in the neighbourhood desperately want to be part of the gang, they do not hesitate to join. What happens next is the cause of some serious problems.



Actors: Djoyri, Lorenzo, Chelsea, Danitchia, Danny, Jady, Yesley en Kaitlyn.

Directed by: Sjef Zwackhalen, Diego Demmers, Noël Simons, Joery Bons
Written by: Diego Demmers, Joery Bons, Sjef Zwackhalen
Script: Diego Demmers, Joery Bons
Produced by: Noël Simons, Diego Demmers, Joery Bons


In 2013 a group of youth of Maastricht wanted to make a movie. The subject of the movie had to have a social theme, something the youth of today could relate to. What followed was a movie spoken in Maastricht dialect called ‘Oonder Drök’, which translates to ‘under pressure’ or ‘peer pressure’. The movie includes themes such as sexuality, addiction and peer pressure.



In the meantime it became 2016 and the sequel is here with different social theme! The making of the movie is actually just the start for the organisation of Oonder Drök. The movie actually supports teambuilding among the crew, who after filming go into the streets of Maastricht and try to shine a light on the social problems the youth faces in the city. They manage to do so by giving presentations and hosting debate nights at local primary schools and community centres. Both young and old get an insight into the day-to-day life of the youth of today, and get a feel of the things they might struggle with. This movie caused a lot of different people to come together, which in the end was its real power. At CODE043 we call that 100% certified dope sh*t. To make an impact on the local community, that’s what it’s all about. No wonder the movie became a local blockbuster. It even got an extended viewing period at Lumière Cinema. Hopefully, or even most likely, the team behind Oonder Drök will be coming with a new DVD soon.



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