Meet Edmerd Koffy.. He wanted to make short videos for his platform FONKEY NINJA. It’s a platform that promotes urban dance in Maastricht. With this plan he visited CODE043 and we were very enthusiastic and wanted to know more about it! Here is the result of the project…

The man behind the plan

Edmerd Koffy AKA Fonky Ninja is a high school Biology teacher. Beside his job he is also an experienced and passionate Urban dance expert. His goal in life is to motivate young people to dance and to create a bigger Urban dance community in Maastricht. Edmerd stated in his projectplan: “Hopefully, one day Maastricht will become ‘the place to be’ in the underground Urban dance world”. CODE043 is impressed by his goals. Fonky Ninja Productionz is a platform. Not only does Edmerd show off his fabulous dance skills but he also brings young artists, active in the urban scene, together and sets them in the spotlight.

The video ‘best carnaval moves’ in Maastricht will put a smile on your face.

What is his plan?

Edmerd is going to make six short Urban Dance video’s with his platform Fonky Ninja. The idea is to bring the local Urban Dance scene in the picture. Every video has it’s own style and form, and shows you all kinds of dance-battle crossovers, interviews and funny vlogs.

Who need to see the videos

Young people who have some interest in the Urban Dance or just like to see how people like them think of dance and the urban scene.

#Poweredbycode043, how did we help Edmerd?

In Edmerd’s case he was already heading the right direction with his project. He had a clear idea and he knew what he wanted to do. CODE043 supported him mainly by helping out financially. This way, he could acquire the right materials and volunteers to make the videos. We also helped him by actively supporting him on Social Media. We wanted to make sure his videos were known to a larger audience and that more people would follow him on his facebook, Instagram and Youtube.

Code043 brought Edmerd into contact with RTV Maastricht. He took that opportunity with both hands and made plans with RTV for his own TV show. The series of five episodes aired during the Dutch Dance Festival. You can watch it here.

check it out!

Take a look at the result of some of his videos. We really need to compliment him here. He did a great job with the different videos, they really look professional and you’ll feel the passion he put in them.

Would you like to know more about Fonky Ninja, check out his YOUTUBE channel or his FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM or TWITTER.

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