The organisation decided that they would get all the decorations themselves, and that turned out to be a wild and memorable challenge with a great result.

What: Festival

Date: 14 June 2017

Location: Muziekgieterij

Organisation: Mabel Dortmans, Sophie Heezen and Han Maas

The organisation on their project:

Scroll down for an impression of the organisation and the event.

‘If it’s your birthday, you throw a party’ – was what we were thinking last September. We, the fraternity T.S.G. 51°45’ of student association Tragos and the sorority M.D.D. Equinox of Circumflex, celebrated our 6th and 4th lustrum, respectively, and wanted to celebrate it with all the students of Maastricht. The collaboration is not as weird as you might think, as we know each other quite well from the annual drinks we share, and we expected the collaboration would go smoothly. By combining our lustrum parties, we hoped many students would attend. To organise the party in a proper manner, a committee was formed, consisting of two members of Equinox and three from TSG. In the beginning the meetings were, at most, two times a week and avoiding the specifics – ‘what location would suit, what theme we want’ – getting closer to the event date, the meetings became more important and intensive, such that we would meet at least once a week. After estimating the number of attendees, we visited various locations in order to find one that suited our needs. In the end we ended up with the Muziekgieterij, with whom the cooperation went smoothly. We appreciated the freedom we were given in decorating the space to our liking, and the location was fully equipped. The details aside, choosing the theme and figuring out the accompanying decorations, were one of the main points. We wanted to choose a theme that students that weren’t part of an association, fraternity or sorority, would also enjoy. After a brainstorm session we came up with a jungle theme, and dubbed the party ‘Into the Wild’. To save money we decided to make most of the decorations ourselves, such as massive cardboard animals and flowers to put on the walls. We underestimated the time it would take to organise the whole thing, but when it was all sorted we even had enough money left to get a gigantic blow-up elephant that everybody was stoked about. We took into account that the ticket sales might not be booming in the start, but when the date was getting closer and we still hadn’t sold many tickets, we all started to worry a bit. These worries turned out to be unnecessary, as in the end the ticket sales took off and we managed to sell each and every one of them – sold out! All in all we think it was a successful party, everyone was very enthusiastic and deep into the night loose prey was hunted down. We would like to thank CODE043 for their help and financial support – without you guys, this party would have never seen the light of day!

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