‘Just the two of us’ – a theatre performance, but mostly an experience. Ten minutes, designed for only two people: one performer, and one viewer. Text and movement regarding society-related mental health issues, topics many of us have to deal with. A special cultural project with a social foundation.

Date: 3, 4, 16 and 17 June

Try-outs: 15, 17 and 20 May (during WE-Festival)

Location: WE-festival (May) and Building M (June)

Entrance fee: €5

Concept: Sarai Erkens

Performance: Sarai Erkens, Martina Gunkel and Max Schoenmakers



‘Just the two of us’ is a project of the 20 year old theatre producer Sarai Erkens from Maastricht. She is looking for ways to make the performances as personal as possible. Therefore it is important that the viewer feels ‘seen’, and feels a part of the experiences that are being made. Just like here other performances, the goal of ‘Just the two of us’ is not just to show off the art, but to be able to, together with the artist, step into experience where the viewer learns more about him- or herself. Sarai’s passions lie in ‘perception theatre’ and one-on-one theatre. Ever since she was young she indulged herself in many different art disciplines. During her high school she did the pre-course ‘dance’ at ‘Opleiding-Dans Maastricht’. Afterwards she got hold of her foundation degree of Modern Theatre Dance – Performance, at the Fontys ‘Hogeschool for the Arts’. At the moment she is active as an independent entrepreneur. Continue reading about Sarai and her project and the reactions she got from attendees.


How was CODE043 able to help you?

“I had an idea, and I was feeling brave, so I decided to submit my idea to CODE043. During my first appointment I was extremely nervous, but it was a great relief to see and feel with how much enthusiasm, interest and love my plan was accepted by project leader Elvira. With her support we started of instantly. Come on! – Dates for the try-outs and performances, locations and promotions, and everything else that needed to be done. Thanks to the great promotion of the project – for which I got guidance and support from Marie-Claire – we were able to perform a staggering 89 times at 3 different amazing locations! I’m very proud that, together, we managed to perform for a very diverse audience.”


What have you learned from this project?

“I created multiple performances before, but none were as big as ‘Just the two of us’ was. Because it was a bigger project than any I did before, I had to learn to let other people take over some of the tasks. Because of the scale it becomes impossible to do everything yourself. I became better in managing people and supporting them with their tasks. I also learned to value and trust their expertise and knowledge. By doing this, every now and then you get surprised by the final cut of, for example, footage or sound effects. It is nice to see how other artists give their take on the theme and concept.”


Which moment of organising this project will remain with you?

The highlights of the project were the moments during which I could see the impact the performance had on the viewers. For example, the moments they started to laugh, or when they became emotional and had to shed a tear. I also had a guestbook, and I was seized with emotion reading the replies they left behind and seeing the trouble some people had taken to leave a personal message. (Scroll down for examples of these replies by the visitors).


What are your plans for the future?

It is my dream to create a platform where one-on-one theatre can be made, performed and viewed. One-on-one theatre is a performance with just one performer and one viewer.




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