An impressive movie portraying the estrangement of two people caused by social media


Set in the near future, Rebecca and Kevin are in a relationship in a world where only digital contact exists. Rebecca wants to go back to basics and seeks non-digital contact with Kevin. This proves to be difficult, because how do you seduce someone without typing…?

Launch: September 2014

Organisation and director: Mark Stevens


Director and producer Mark Stevens
Kevin Jakob Nieuwenhuijsen
Rebecca Frederike Migom
Camera Mark Lindenberg
Lighting Julian Wunderle
Sound design Timothy van Nieuwenhuysen
Editing and special effects Tim Prudon
Music Daniele Tucci



Each year various entrepreneurial spirited young adults come to CODE043 for help. In most cases their talent is not left unrecognised. ‘I <3 U 4VR’, the debut of director and producer Mark Stevens was shown at the 2015 Cannes Film Festival in the Short Film Corner. The movie was produced in cooperation with CODE043 and architect Mathieu Bruls. This is probably not the first and last time you will see the work of this young director. Plans are in the works for a sequel, so stay tuned!

“Two years ago I wanted to create a short movie based around the estrangement of people caused by social media. It seemed a logical step to contact CODE043, where I was warmly welcomed. They helped me out whenever I needed guidance and were always around to give new and interesting insights. This helped me to get the movie to a higher level. Even better still, my creation was shown at the Cannes Fim Festival, which I would never been able to do without the help of CODE043!

– Mark Stevens


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