An awesome deep-house party in Complex – what else can you wish for?

What: Deep House 18+ festival

Date: 19 May 22:00 – 04:30

Location: Complex

Organisation: Minke ter Hedde, Tamara van Selm, Jeroen Lodder and Marly


The organisation on their project:

At the start of September, we – the festival committee – were sitting together for our first meeting, during which it became clear we had to change the concept drastically. After a big brainstorm session on what we needed to change, and how we were going to do that, we ended up with the name Night Vision, and a proper concept was born. To accompany this concept a new logo was designed, which quickly made its appearance on our jumpers.
Concept ready, we needed to think long and hard about the artists and location. Getting some help from external parties, such as the people at StudentEvent and former committee members, we found ourselves looking at a few big names, such as Cleavage and Ferreck Dawn. Additionally, through personal connections left and right, we managed to book the DJ’s Vaal & Tijn and Roeland Evers. We agreed that Complex would be a great location and went ahead and booked it ASAP.
After the general stuff was sorted out, we needed to work on the details. This is where we looked to CODE043 for help. May was approaching fast, and a lot needed to be done. In the weeks leading up to the festival date we were extremely busy organising the decorations, the ryders of the DJ’s and the promotion of the event. From flyershifts to designing posters, everybody was busy. In addition to CODE043, we used other café’s and bars, such as The Lab Maastricht, to promote our event.
The day finally arrived, May 19, Night Vision in Complex. Shirts were printed, rooms were ready and we were absolutely stoked. Around midnight the bigger crowds came pouring in and the artists arrived. Both rooms were well attended, and we sold more tickets at the door than we anticipated, which is always great. Everybody had a great time and everyone was happy with the musical variation, which lasted all night long, and people were dancing and enjoying themselves. When we had to shut our doors at 04:30 in the morning, everyone was disappointed the party already finished and left.
Around half past five we – the party committee – finally made it to our beds, and exhausted but contented we went to sleep. The day after we received many positive replies and complements.

Sometimes everyone at the meeting was hungover, and sometimes we went of partying afterwards, but all in all we can say we cooperated perfectly for a group that didn’t know each other beforehand. Without the help of CODE043, StudentEvent and the people at Tragos, this event would never have been what it was, and we like to thank all of them for helping us and for this great, yet educational challenge!

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