Maastricht is known for its sjiek & sjoen attitude, but did you  know its green & good side? Time to promote this, thought Sandrina and she decided to create a map.

Date: August 2016

Who: Sandrina Burkhardt, MA student Politics and Society.

What: A map of Maastricht, with all sustainable and green initiatives, distributed at the INKOM Intro Week Maastricht to all new students at Maastricht University and Zuyd University.


Sandrina about the Good Map:

The Good Map is a printed  map that has the size of a folded A5 format. This map was printed on sustainable paper and distributed during the INKOM to the students in Maastricht in order to promote a more sustainable behaviour. The Good Map however not just promotes second-hand stores, fair trade and biological shops but also local farmers, restaurants with vegan options, shows recycling spots, information on how to recycle right (within the university as well as within the city), where to find free water fountains as well as organizations and initiatives where people can get involved and learn about how to live a more compassionate life – even (and especially) as a student.
We designed the map so that people get to look at the map closely. To ensure they see an overview off all the initiatives as well as entertainment. Therefore, we provided further information on the stores, tell a little story about the owner, the atmosphere or the products that are available. It is important to engage people on a personal level and not just deliver information in order to truly get them engaged and motivated to check out the locations. Next to that the map is also published online at, so students can add locations, rate the places and provide more information on their sustainability according to the criteria that has been set up by us.


Sandrina developed this map on behalf of the Green Office, a sustainability department from Maastricht University run by students.

Do you have an idea for a sustainable project? Don’t hesitate to share it with us. Just drop by our office or send an e-mail to We’d be happy to sit down with you and see how we can support you.


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