A beautiful start of the summer, and a prom for all secondary schools in Maastricht, thanks to the Zomergala!

Date: june 25th 2016

Location: Complex

Organisation: Flexe kerels, Rene Cortenraede, Luc Wijns en Sander Pleijsier

Take a bow for the bunch of dudes that managed to organise Zomergala 2016! It wasn’t an easy task. Because of the new national Nix18 policy, which doesn’t allow underage drinking in the Netherlands, secondary schools wouldn’t organize proms because the safety of students couldn’t be guaranteed. The previous year, some proms were located just across the border in Belgium, where underage drinking (16+) is allowed. As a reaction school decided there would be no official proms. All very understandable. However, thanks to René, Sander and Luc, a safe prom organized by and for young people could take place in Maastricht! This is something we value at CODE043. To empower young makers who listen to the needs of young people and create safe environments. 

René Cortenraede Sander Pleijsier (middelste) Luc Wijns

From left to right the organisation: Rene Cortenraede, Sander Pleijsier (middle) and Luc Wijns.

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