This year we were giving it our all during Museumnacht. 16 Judges of CODE043 walked around and thoroughly inspected this beautiful night. Additionally, we had to create two different programmes for two hop-on hop-off busses. What were crewmembers Esther and Femke doing that day?



Did you attend Museumnacht this year? If you did, that you must have seen and used our hop-on hop-off busses that were cruising the streets. As CODE043 ambassadors, we gave it our all to make it happen. Even better: we transformed two of them into full-on CODE PAR-T BUSSES. A project group consisting of four of our ambassadors – Fay, Manuel, Esther and Femke – worked on them for weeks to make it happen.

On Friday April 6th, 11 am the busses were ready to be transformed. Femke and I quickly choose the theme: Guilty pleasures / Nineties, which were matched by the decorations – disco balls near the selfie-corner and stick-on moustaches and weird hats in the other. Even though we had some problems with supplying enough power to our systems, your friendly neighbourhood TCR Group / Arriva drivers helped us out and made in into an awesome party. From the moment we plugged in the speakers, everybody in the street were turning their heads.

It started off quietly, but as the evening progressed it got busier and busier. Of course it was cosy and fun at the start of the evening, but as the youth started turning up, people started dancing and making insane amounts of selfies in our special selfie-corner. After 1 or 2 hours it was so crowded that nobody was able to move anymore! The fun, yet very guilty pleasures that pumped out of our speakers made the atmosphere.

Aside from all the cute selfies that were made, many passengers also used our doodle posters! In each bus there were 4 big, white posters, where everyone could scribble or draw something. Two of them turned out to be so cool, we actually framed them in our office.

All in all we had a great night full, together with all the people attending the Museumnacht and our awesome busdriver Ivo. I mean, if it is so busy that you have to drive two additional laps just to get everyone home, that must mean the night was successful. The whole thing finished after 1 am! Scroll down to get an impression of this insane day and night!

Will we be seeing you at next year’s edition? We definitely hope so!


CODE crewmembers – Esther en Femke

Esther and Femke are decorating their bus…gettin’ the party started

Check out those party people!

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