Project leader Jeroen went to a brainstorm session regarding a new youth centrum in Maastricht, and walked out as a transformed individual. What happened in there? Read about it here and support this dude

Meet Jeroen, graduate Social Work, working at CODE043 since October. He already has a few events under his belt, including the research into the facilitating support for volunteers, and a successful project aimed to welcome young refugees in our CODE ambassador group. He also likes to keep himself busy with the relationship between the youth and welfare support, and therefore he went to a brainstorm session regarding a new youth centrum in Maastricht as a CODE representative.

At the session he met Roy van Hooren. He never met him before, but after sharing a cup of coffee, Roy managed to convince Jeroen to join a sponsor run for increased funding for cancer research. As the sportive young person Jeroen is, he was unable to decline. Coming Saturday May 19th, Jeroen and Roy will run 15 km, going up and down five hills in Limburg.

Colleagues Elvira and Marie-Claire are supporting Jeroen in full. To give him that little extra push, they made a bet: he will wear a CODE shirt, while we ask everyone at CODE to support him. This can be done by giving a donation to the cause. Support this dude!



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