Euregional inspiration at our office. What can we learn regarding the youth participation? Together with the Flemish VVJ Jeugdparticipatie, the Brussels’ Karuur BXL and our local JONGR we exchanged information. Give us some more!



Six weeks ago we received an email from the enthusiastic Annelies Schepers, who works for the Flemish Vereniging Jeugddiensten – district Limburg. She got wind of how we did our thing at CODE043 and wanted to come over to our office together with 30 youth workers from the Belgian part of Limburg. Of course we said yes! As an organisation we would like to improve our connections in the Euregion. You can learn a lot from your neighbours, and it was more than time we met. As more and more information and facts regarding the VVJ trickled in, we got more and more impressed. The VVJ is an umbrella member organisation that supports and facilitates youth employees regarding youth policy. VVJ supports youth ambassadors, local and provincial administrations and youth councils in many ways, mostly regarding shaping, exchange, policy and publications. Wow – such and umbrella organisation is absent in the Netherlands! Here, everything is taken care of locally. Time to give the Maastrichtse jongerenraad JONGR a call and see if they would like to join an inspirational meeting, as that would not only benefit us, but also the VVJ. Emmanuel, supervisor of JONGR, responded with an instant YES, so we could get going.




Last Thursday 30 youth ambassadors of the VVJ walked into our office, each one working for a different municipality in the Belgian part of Limburg, stretching from our direct southern neighbours from Riemst, all the way to the northern part of Hamont-Achel (near Weert).

CODE043, JONGR and VVJ each gave three short, back-to-back presentations. Afterwards we all went down to Restaurant Talentino to have lunch. Enjoying our soup we talked some more regarding youth participation and were amazed by different cultural habits in our different municipalities and countries. Crazy Dutchies with their ‘Spa blauw’ and ‘Spa rood’ – that’s just sparkling and still water! And of course Belgian mayonnaise is ten times better than that sweet stuff they call mayonnaise here in the Netherlands. As fellow-Limburgers we could do nothing but approve.







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